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Building Maintenance

We provide 24/7 building care in addition to project-based janitorial and building maintenance services. These services include construction and debris removal, full-service window and bathroom cleaning. Our full-service janitorial and building maintenance services mean's hiring the same company that conducts weekly quality control, keeps trash cans empty, and refilling of toilet paper and paper towel dispenser. We work on your site to take care of those special cleaning projects too.

Cleaning the Office

Total Floor Care Maintenance 

Total floor maintenance is designed to finish and restore your floors. The goal is to add shine and beauty, make it easier to clean, and protect the floor which is designed to keep your cost low over time.​


Finished Floor Maintenance includes:
A maintenance schedule designed to clean, buffer, or a deep scrub and topcoat your floor. Dust and damp mopping, product considerations, auto scrubbing, low and high speed burnishing.

White Office

Professional Cleaning

From general office cleaning to specialized cleaning, you can count on At Your Service Janitorial, to provide the best cleaning service. It doesn't matter the size or the complexity of the office cleaning service you require.

Our unique weekly Quality Control System assures thorough and consistent services. No more worrying about food getting left in an employee's trash can under their desk. Avoid the ants. Hire an office cleaning service NOW.



Cleaning Computer Keyboard

Sanitation Services

If you need an office cleaning service, you want a company to perform the tasks that ensure the facility's cleanliness. At Your Service Janitorial, in LaVergne, provides full-service office cleaning. And we have the experience and knowledge to deliver to your expectations. What's more, At Your Service Janitorial provides employee training programs designed to ensure our team understands our processes, products, and equipment.

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Food Manufacturing Cleaning

Imagine an unsanitary company kitchen that generates germs and spreads viruses. Nobody needs that kind of stress. Yet, we've all worked in offices where the kitchen gets out of control.  If your business is in or around La Vergne, TN — you're in luck. At Your Service Janitorial is a local cleaning service with experience in office cleaning, manufacturing, food facilities, and fitness clubs.


Construction Clean-up

When the dust settles from the electric saw machine used to cut brick or dry wall, or when the job of a construction company is done, there is often a mess left to clean-up.

Living Room


If you're in need of your AIR BNB or vacation rental cleaned after the leaving of a guest, then contract us to services your property.

Additional Services

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Building Cleaning Service

Staffing-General & Skilled Labor

Construction Worker

Handyman Services

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Special Services & Emergency Response

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